Tranzmit introduces VulpineGLMark

Got this in the e-mail box.
VulpineGLMark - This is a biggy! (55MB) I can honestly say I think this features THE most amazing visuals yet seen on Tranzmit. It's a new purely OpenGL benchmark, presented in a similar way to 3DMark with a demo mode and a benchmark mode. GLMark is a benchmarking program that is intended to test the performance and visual quality delivered by modern 3D accelerators in a "real world" setting. There are 3 very large distinct 'scenes'...each runs for a number of minutes. The level of detail in some of these scenes is truly amazing. Superb lighting, shadows, reflections, the lot! This program features settings to enable it to take advantage of most cards. There are extra features for GeForce and even GeForce3 owners. Don't be put off by the download size. This is definitely something to keep everyone happy while they wait for the release of 3DMark2001.
Check it out at Tranzmit.
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