Friday night topic: Your worst gaming obsessions

I confess: I've been playing entirely too much Infinity Blade lately. We're talking an hour or more of gameplay, for multiple nights in a row, on an iPhone. Shameful.

Yet, you know, fun.

This is just my latest shameful gaming obsession, and it's not really as bad as some of the worst. It's safe to say, for instance, that my infatuation with QuakeWorld in grad school probably altered my career path. (Although, hey, no regrets.) (Also, in my defense, it was the world's first Internet-based 3D multiplayer shooter.)

Perhaps worse was the ridiculous Half-Life 2 incident, right after the game's release, in which I barricaded myself into my office for a couple of days straight, didn't do any work, and just played. At the end of that time, I hadn't yet finished the game, but the marathon of non-stop gaming had wrecked my body. Took me weeks to recover, and I never did finish HL2. Also shameful.

The question is: what were your worst gaming obsessions, and what did you sacrifice while feeding them? Discuss.

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