Some game developers not looking forward to new consoles

With the current crop of consoles now about five years old and video game graphical detail having long plateaued, some of us are eagerly waiting to see what the next generation has in store. Some game developers sound much less eager, though. As Eurogamer reports, neither Irrational Games chief Ken Levine nor THQ Core Games boss Danny Bilson want to see new consoles hit stores.

Levine is quoted as saying:

"At this point I have no desire as a developer and zero desire as a gamer to see the next generation come out where I'm sitting right now," said Levine on the latest Irrational Games podcast.

Bilson chimed in last month with even stronger words:

"It still costs us a fortune to make games on this platform," he said. "If they're going to up the scale, up the art, up the content, I don't know how to make that and sell it to anybody for under $100 a game. Who wants to do that? It's bad for everybody."

I've never thought about it that way, but it makes sense. Today's games, which are tailored for the hardware of five years ago, already cost fortunes to produce—Modern Warfare 2 apparently cost $40-50 million, for instance. Upping the ante in terms of graphical fidelity might, as Bilson suggests, make it difficult for studios to stay in the black. That's bad news for us PC gamers, since we're too often left with spare graphics horsepower we'd like to see put to better use.

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