$99 NoteSlate looks perfect for students, scribblers

Had enough tablet news from the usual suspects? How about something completely different—the NoteSlate. Billed more as an e-paper device than a traditional tablet, the NoteSlate looks like a glorified notepad.

The device features a 13" e-ink display with a 750x1080 display resolution. You'll have to make do with monochrome, but there are a few options on that front. The NoteSlate will be available with a white screen and black pen or with a black screen and white, red, green, or blue pens. Any of those combos should be easy to read in direct sunlight, and I particularly like the white-on-black chalkboard look.

There's no word on what sort of hardware lurks under the hood, but the system has a 3.5-mm audio jack, mini USB port, SD slot, and optional Wi-Fi support. Oddly, the product page specifically says that the NoteSlate won't support web browsing. The NoteSlate's firmware will be open source, so it's entirely possible that and other features could be added at a future date. At least to start, it looks like the NoteSlate will be largely limited to capturing notes and other scribbles.

So, how much for this modern Etch-a-Sketch? Only $99 when the NoteSlate goes on sale in June. Throw in a claimed 180 hours of battery life and an ultra-slim design that's a quarter-inch thick and weighs just over half a pound, and this looks like a great sidekick for students. At that price, I'd almost buy one just for doodling. Thanks to Tested for the tip.

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