For those who are wondering where Icrontic got the new YH BIOS for the Abit KT7 series of motherboards, take a look at Abit's (Taiwan) page here. This is a beta BIOS so flash at your own risk. OCMod has a voltage mod for the KT7 that allows a VCore of 2.63V.

  1. NVIDIA Detonator 10.40 driver for Windows 2000 from Leadtek
  2. OpenGL Demo from Tranzmit: GLExcess by Paolo Martella (developed and tested on NVIDIA cards)
  3. Digit Life's February hardware digest
  4. 3DSpotlight updates OS updates section
  5. Sharky Extreme's value business PC guide
  6. TBird 1200@1609 at
  7. Overclockedcafe's giveaway contest (cooling gear)
  8. MidnightCafe allows users to post news on their front page
  9. Website du jour:

  1. t-break reviews Chaintech 6OJA3 i815EP
  2. Active Hardware demystifies GeForce 3 and NV20
  3. Tom's Hardware does GeForce 2 scaling analysis
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Cables and cooling

  1. Extreme Overclocking reviews round ATA/100 & floppy cables
  2. TweakTown reviews Arctic Silver II
  3. Club Overclocker reiews TaiSol CGK 742092 cooler
  4. pcRoddin's Socket A HSF roundup
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