Asus provides details on Sandy Bridge bug response

Following in the footsteps of MSI, Asus has expanded its official response to the snafu involving Intel 6-series chipsets for Sandy Bridge processors, offering some additional options to affected early adopters as well as a special page with details and workaround instructions.

You can peruse the page yourself (and you probably should, if you own an affected Asus mobo). For the lazy or terminally busy among us, though, Asus has provided us with a Cliff's Notes version:

1. Product replacements will be new products and based on current Intel schedules, they should be the same product that the customer currently owns and will be available in several weeks. ASUS will handle product replacements directly with customers currently owning the affected products outlined here - . If the customer is not satisfied with the free replacement service, then we sincerely ask that they contact their E-tailer or actual place of purchase for a refund now. ASUS will also cover shipping costs for customers wanting a direct replacement product. This includes standard two-way shipping for the return of affected product and the delivery of equivalent/new products.

2. Although advanced RMA options are offered on our standard range of motherboards in the first year (P8P67 PRO and above) of warranty, we will extend this advanced RMA option to all products affected by this Cougar Point design error. Details of this option are available here - .

3. Potential warranty adjustments or any items related to new warranty terms are still under discussion locally. In the meantime, our standard warranty and terms of service apply for any affected products shipped to customers.

Incidentally, Asus notes that this particular response is specific to the U.S. and Canada. Folks in other parts of the world may not get the same perks.

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