THQ allocating more resources to Metro 2033 sequel

If you enjoyed 4A Games' Metro 2033, you'll be happy to learn that publisher THQ is giving the folks at 4A additional resources to make a more refined sequel. IGN has gotten some interesting details from THQ VP Danny Bilson, like the fact that Metro 2034 will feature "even more advanced" technology and a level of polish sufficient to compete with "the Call of Dutys."

As Bilson pointed out to IGN, the original Metro 2033 looked "sensational" but was a tad rough around the edges gameplay-wise—at least compared to shooters developed by North American teams with more cash on hand. To name one example, I got a little frustrated with the game's stealth sections, where enemies seemed to have a hive mind that could communicate my position to everyone in the level instantly. That was just too old school to be fun.

Despite the push for more polish, IGN says Bilson is taking a "mostly hands-off approach" to the Metro sequel's production. He told the site, "It's an original Russian franchise. We don't want to mess with it and Americanize it. It's got its own point of view."

Metro 2034 doesn't have a set release date yet, but Bilson said you can expect to get a glimpse of the game at E3 this June. (Thanks to michael_d from the TR forums for the link.)

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