Dell puts Adamo ultraportable out to pasture

After being subjected to a series of price cuts, Dell's Adamo ultraportable notebook has finally been discontinued. The thin-and-light 13-incher last sold for $900, which is less than half of its original $2000 asking price. Dell doesn't appear to have a replacement waiting in the wings, either.

The Adamo was launched to compete with Apple's MacBook Air and other premium ultraportables, and I've always thought that it was the best looking of the bunch. Dell isn't known for its sense of style, but the Adamo's machined aluminum chassis is stunning, especially in black. Plus, I'm a sucker for spacious keyboards with big, contoured keys and LED backlighting.

Dell hasn't announced a replacement for the Adamo, suggesting that it might be getting out of the premium ultraportable market to focus on less expensive designs. Given how many times the Adamo's price was cut, it seems unlikely that consumers were lining up to buy the system. Really, can you blame them? Dell's Vostro V130 offers a similarly thin design and an attractive aluminum chassis with prices starting at just $430.

There was a time when only premium notebooks offered what could be called ultraportable designs. However, the rise of netbooks and advent of CULV-powered thin-and-lights to combat them has reshaped the notebook market dramatically. Perhaps Dell is clearing the decks to prepare for a new flagship ultraportable based on Intel's upcoming dual-core Sandy Bridge CPUs, but I don't know if there's a place left for such machines—at least outside of Apple's ranks. Thanks to TechCrunch for the tip.

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