Poll: Do you buy games via online services?

Valve is projected to have raked in a cool $1 billion via its Steam content delivery service last year. We're fans of Steam, and that got us wondering about how many folks are buying most of their games via it or similar services. That's the topic of this week's poll, which also includes options for those who prefer physical media or wear an eye patch.

Last week's poll was inspired by Intel's 6-series chipset bug, but that's not the worst PC hardware flaw according to our readers. 42% of those who voted named IBM's Deathstar 75GXP debacle as the most epic hardware fail. Still fresh in everyone's mind, the Sandy Bridge chipset bug slotted into second place with 20% of the vote. Behind it, the Pentium FDIV bug commanded 16% of the vote, while the Phenom/Opteron TLB issue garnered 12%. Only 3% of voters named Intel's 820 chipset bug as the worst PC hardware flaw, while 7% had something in mind that wasn't on our list.

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