Hacker makes away with secret U.S. space codes

The story is here.
STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - An unidentified computer hacker has got hold of top secret U.S. computer system codes for guiding space ships, rockets and satellites, a lawyer in Sweden said on Friday.

Computer experts raided the offices of an information technology company in Stockholm last month and found a copy of the source codes for the software program OS/COMET developed by U.S. firm Exigent Software Technology, Johan Starell, legal counsel for Exigent in Sweden, told Reuters.

Analyses of the Carbonide server accessed by the hacker known only by the username ``LEEIF'' showed that the perpetrator had been able to hide his or her true identity by breaking into the account of a genuine Freebox.com client and using that person's Internet account.

The truth is out there somewhere, I guess.
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