The latest on Xtrem (ice cold Macs)

The Register has the latest on what many consider to be vaporware.
Xtrem, the Swedish Mac upgrade maker that whipped up a whirlwind of controversy last summer with a plan to ship a gigahertz Mac, has been forced to scale back its scheme.

Instead of shipping a 1.2GHz machine, the company will offer a Mac clocked up to 1066MHz, a drop of around 12.5 per cent.

To make up for the drop, Xtrem has decided to offer owners of its overclocked machine the chance to by a 24in Trinitron CRT display kitted out in a decidedly sci-fi shiny metal shell (but only shown by a 3D modelled mock-up). It is also planning to offer a dual-processor version, according to the Xtrem Web site.

The rest of the story is here; Xtrem's website is here.

Speaking of Apple, check out the new iMacs on display at MacWorld Tokyo here, here, and here. New colors include Indigo, Graphite, Blue Dalmation, and Flower Power.

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