Report says Dell might seek to acquire AMD

The departure of CEO Dirk Meyer and two high-profile executives has left us wondering about AMD's direction going forward. A report by provides a possible explanation: the chipmaker is gearing up for an acquisition.

Barrons says chatter around Wall Street hints that Dell (yes, Dell) is eying AMD as a buyout candidate. This talk apparently lacks specifics, which doesn't help its plausibility. How exactly would chip design operations fit into Dell's business?

This is no one-off attention-grabbing headline, though. Barrons quotes a separate Bloomberg story that echoes similar speculation—namely, that there is some "chatter" about an AMD acquisition by an unknown party. Bloomberg calls the chatter "far-fetched," but it concedes that "there is no management team" at AMD, which could make it ripe for the picking.

I'm reminded of last year's reports about a possible acquisition of AMD by Oracle. At the time, Dirk Meyer went on the record as saying his company was "not for sale." Now, I'm almost tempted to put on my tinfoil hat and wonder if that response has something to do with his ouster as CEO. (Thanks to X-bit labs for the link.)

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