Another Alice trailer makes me swoon

American McGee's Alice is responsible for some of my most memorable gaming moments, so I get a little excited every time new details emerge about the game's successor. The sequel, dubbed Alice: Madness Returns, is due out this year on the PC and consoles. Today, Rock, Paper, Shotgun tipped me off that a new trailer has been released.

The trailer starts in a lush wonderland filled with the sort of mushrooms that no doubt fuel the franchise's art direction. Before long, madness descends and Alice finds herself stabbing a giant eyeball with her trademark butcher's knife. Oh, Alice, how I've missed you.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't show any gameplay footage. Save for a few twists, the original game didn't offer much in the way of innovation on that front. Instead, it immersed gamers in a truly unique world backed by stunning (at the time, anyway) graphics, haunting music, and excellent writing. I can still hear the Cheshire Cat telling me that a croquet mallet is like a billy club anytime I want it to be.

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