Enthusiast Series TX V2 PSUs bolster Corsair lineup

Corsair's line of power supplies has expanded again, this time with the addition of three Enthusiast Series TX V2 units. These are successors to the original Enthusiast Series TX power supplies, and they share many of the same features. However, Corsair has bumped up the efficiency and implemented a new DC-to-DC converter, which purportedly offers "tighter voltage regulation . . . with measurably lower ripple and noise."

The higher energy efficiency has earned these TX V2 power supplies an 80 Plus Gold certification, where their predecessors only featured the plain 80 Plus label. In other words, efficiency should have gone up from 80% to 82-85% depending on load. Corsair says that increase had the side effect of reducing noise levels "under typical usage conditions" compared to the original TX series.

The TX V2 formula is coming out in three flavors: 650W for $99, 750W for $119, and 850W for $139. All three units have already made their way onto Newegg, which charges an extra $10 over Corsair's suggested pricing for the 850W model. Shipping's an extra $10 or so across the board, too. Considering how popular the original 650W TX seems to be, though, a lot of folks might welcome the upgrade.

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