Poll: How do you back up your data?

The more data we accumulate in our increasingly digital lives, the more we stand to lose in the event of a catastrophic storage failure. Fortunately, the steady progress of technology has made backing up vital data easier than ever. Users have plenty of options from which to choose, and we're wondering what you rely on most often to back up important personal files.

Do you dump everything onto external hard drives, tap into the cloud with some kind of online backup service, pipe everything over your home network, kick it old-school with a stack of DVDs, or use some other method? You can cast your vote by scrolling down, hitting the front page, or clicking here.

In last week's poll, we asked whether you purchase most of your PC games via online services. A resounding 71% said yes, with the overwhelming majority making their purchases on Steam. A handful of voters also use Direct2Drive, Games for Windows Live, the EA Store, and other online services. Some folks still prefer to buy games the old-fashioned way, though. 10% purchase physical copies from retail outlets, while 8% do so from online vendors. Another 8% do a great Keith Richards Jack Sparrow impression, while 4% smugly assert that they don't play games at all.

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