TweakMax reviews GeForce 3

The seven page review is here.
After NVIDIA released the GeForce 2 GTS, most people were convinced that this was only the beginning of things to come. Back then NVIDIA promised a better, faster card, which was codenamed "NV20", and was scheduled for September 2000. Most people were disappointed when they saw an "Ultra" version of the GeForce 2, and not the long-awaited "NV20". Finally NVIDIA has announced that they are ready, and six months later we are introduced to the GeForce 3.
The FSAA/HRAA/Quincunx comparison page is here. They include 16-bit and 32-bit Quake III benchmarks so jump to the controversial page here.

Win a GeForce 3 by filling out NVIDIA's survey. Good luck.

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