OCZ preps solid-state drives with 22-, 25-nm flash

The transition to the next generation of solid-state drives is underway. In a press release posted earlier this week, OCZ announced that it has become "the first SSD manufacturer to successfully complete the transition to 2Xnm NAND flash-based storage solutions." OCZ suggests the transition will help it reach its goal of "significantly driving down the cost of client SSDs."

We pressed the company for more details. Based on what we were told, OCZ intends to transition its Vertex 2 and RevoDrive SSDs to the new-generation flash memory. The drives will use either 22- or 25-nm flash depending on the vendor who supplies it. Current OCZ drives, for reference, use 32- or 34-nm flash. (There, too, the exact type depends on the vendor.)

You're not going to see 2x-nm flash take over straight away, of course. OCZ says it'll keep offering 3x-nm flash in "select SSD products with a higher price per gigabyte."

Oh, and good news: upcoming OCZ SSDs drives with 2x-nm flash will have the same warranty coverage as current 3x-nm models—so, presumably three years for the Vertex 2 and RevoDrive. That's a bigger deal than it might sound, since flash memory endurance appears to decrease as fab processes become finer.

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