Nvidia posts higher profits, margin

After a few stumbles last year, Nvidia looks to be back on its feet. The company has posted numbers for both the fourth quarter of its 2011 fiscal year and the fiscal year as a whole, and all key figures have increased. In case you're wondering, Nvidia's fourth fiscal quarter ended on January 30 (and yes, we're talking about its 2011 fiscal year).

  Q4 FY'10 Q3 FY'11 Q4 FY'11
Revenue $982.5 million $843.9 million $886.4 million
Net income $131.1 million $84.9 million $171.7 million
Gross margin 44.7% 46.5% 48.1%

Those numbers include a $57-million ($37.1-million after tax) "credit to operating expenses" stemming from Nvidia's recent settlement with Intel over chipset licensing, by the way.

For the year as a whole, Nvidia says it achieved net income of $253.1 million on revenue of $3.54 billion. That's a nice reversal from the previous year, when Nvidia posted a $68 million net loss on $3.33 billion revenue. Average gross margin for the year is up, too, from 35.4% in fiscal 2010 to 39.8% in fiscal 2011.

What's the current fiscal quarter going to look like? Nvidia says it expects a 6-8% jump in revenue, with gross margin to climb into the 48.5-49.5% range.

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