Report: Intel 510-series SSDs will arrive on March 1

A new line of Intel SSDs will debut on March 1, according to a story by VR-Zone. The site has spotted listings for Intel 510-series drives (reportedly code-named Elm Crest) at a British e-tailer, and it's posted a few specs, as well.

Let's start with the dirty details. VR-Zone claims 510-series SSD will have a 2.5" form factor, 6Gbps Serial ATA interface, maximum read speeds of 470MB/s, and top write speeds of 315MB/s. Intel will reportedly produce the drive using 34-nm flash memory, just like its existing X25-M offerings. If those read and write speeds are accurate, Intel could get a leg up over the competition from SandForce drives, which are typically rated for read and write speeds under 300MB/s.

The British e-tail listings linked by VR-Zone now point to X25-M drives, but hitting European price search engine Geizhals uncovers live entries for 120GB and 250GB 510-series drives. The lowest-capacity model is priced at €249, while the 250GB model will set you back €513. For reference, the 120GB X25-M can be found for €191 through the same price search engine, so you're looking at premiums of 30% and 170% for the two 510-series drives. Apply those premiums to the 120GB X25-M's Newegg price, and you end up with a rough idea of potential U.S. pricing: around $300 for the 120GB 510 drive and $620 for the 250GB offering.

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