Release roundup: CyberLink updates and server gear

The pickings are a little slimmer this week, but we still had a couple of interesting announcements sitting in our inbox. The first is from CyberLink, and the second is from Tyan.

  • Tyan launches quad-socket G34 server for 6100-series Opterons. We're actually looking at two new Tyan products today: the S8812WGM3NR motherboard and the B8821F48W8R barebones system. The mobo features AMD's SR5690 chipset, support for as many as four 12- or 8-core Opteron 6100-series CPUs, and room for up to 512GB of registered DDR3 RAM. (Memory voltages as low as 1.35V are supported.) The barebones box can also accommodate four of the same CPUs, purportedly making it "the most powerful High-Performance Computing (HPC) platform TYAN has offered to date."

That Tyan announcement is likely related to the recent release of five new 6100-series Opterons, which bring higher performance within the same power envelopes as previous 8- and 12-core Opterons. Check out our full coverage for more details.

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