AMD campaign backhandedly targets Sandy Bridge

Looks like the folks in AMD's marketing department have been taking their vitamins. Earlier today, the chipmaker announced that it has kicked off another marketing campaign... and you'll never guess the slogan:

AMD (NYSE:AMD) has launched a new marketing campaign, “Ready. Willing. And Stable.” to encourage component channel companies and PC enthusiasts to drive opportunities for our world-class AMD CPUs and GPUs as the ideal solution for building the best PC today.

While AMD doesn't come out and say it, I think it's pretty clear the "stable" part alludes to the chipset bug that took Sandy Bridge gear off store shelves when it came to light last month. That's a pretty bold attack by AMD—and a rather quick one at that. By contrast, you might recall how AMD once changed its tagline to "Smarter Choice" after many months of dominating Intel in performance benchmarks... right around the time when Intel released its Core 2 processors, which gave their Athlon rivals some real competition.

As part of the new campaign, AMD says it has launched display advertising on "leading PC enthusiast sites" and put up a web page with "easy-to-digest information" about its products. Next Monday, the company will also launch a Twitter contest through which participants will have a chance to win AMD products and games.

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