New MacBook Pros could already be shipping to retailers

A new generation of Apple notebooks might debut very soon, according to several reports that popped up around the web over the weekend. Those reports corroborate earlier stories about new MacBook Pro shipments beginning as early as this month.

One of this weekend's reports, whipped up by the guys at AppleInsider, says Apple has told some large European retailers to "expect delivery of sealed product pallets to their brick-and-mortar stores as early as Monday." The retailers were instructed to wait for an announcement that will "follow shortly," and they've received strict orders not to unseal the pallets—under penalty of losing their Apple reseller licenses.

European retailers might not be the only ones getting the packages. Engadget has discovered several listings for new Apple stock-keeping units, or SKUs, with the same prices as some existing MacBook Pros: $1,199, $1,499, $1,799, and $2,199. The listings seem to include the words "Apple" and "new SKU," but not much else.

In related news, CNet News says Apple is about to make an announcement about a "new high-speed connection technology." The site reckons that announcement might have to do with Intel's Light Peak interconnect, and it suspects a link to the new MacBook Pros, although it suggests such speculation isn't backed by solid evidence... yet.

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