Wired is running an interesting article on a company that's trying to end ICANN's monopoly over domain suffixes.
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the international organization chartered to oversee the administration of the domain name system (DNS), granted seven new domain names in November, including dot-biz (.biz), dot-museum and dot-info.

But that apparently wasn't good enough for Idealab, which plans to introduce up to a dozen new top level domains on Monday, including dot-store, dot-firm, dot-mp3, dot-pic, dot-movie, dot-game, dot-sport, dot-kids, dot-chat, dot-xxx, dot-euro and inexplicably, dot-duh.

Of course ISPs need to buy into this and reconfigure their DNS servers, but Idealab has an ace up its sleeve.
According to internal Idealab documentation obtained by Wired News, New.net would distribute a small browser plug-in to be installed on millions of personal computers.

Idealab reportedly has a number of "mid-level" Internet Service Providers signed up for the deal, and also plans to partner with computer makers to pre-install the plug-in on future systems.

Ok, so that ace is more like a queen or a jack if it requires a browser plugin. This is certainly an interesting idea though, and over time I think there's a pretty good chance ISPs will end up supporting it.
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