Report: MSI preps Brazos-based tablet

We've already heard whispers about an Acer tablet sporting one of AMD's new Fusion APUs. Now, DigiTimes reports that MSI is cooking up a 10.1" tablet powered by AMD's C-50, the fastest, dual-core member of the 9W Ontario family.

DigiTimes refers to this upcoming system as the WindPad 110W, saying it will launch at the CeBIT 2011 trade show in Germany early next month. Along with the AMD chip, the 110W is said to feature 32GB of solid-state storage, a "gravity detecting module," a light sensor, Wi-Fi, and Windows 7 Home Premium—more or less everything you'd expect from an x86 slate, except perhaps for a camera.

Now, the question is, how much will this product sell for? HP's Atom-powered Windows 7 slate costs a whopping $799, and HP makes no excuses about the fact that it's aimed squarely at business users. Taiwanese firms like Acer and MSI might offer cheaper alternatives, but considering the x86 guts and potentially poorer battery life (at least when compared to power-sipping ARM chips), I'm dubious that we'll see a $500 iPad killer packing Ontario and Windows 7.

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