Poll: What's your pick of upcoming games?

We're set for a bumper crop of top-flight games in 2011, and the toughest part of the story may simply be choosing which games to buy and play. Our poll question today asks which of the year's big upcoming games you're most anticipating. There were too many choices to list them all, so feel free to choose "other" if we've missed your favorite.

Oh, and the results from our last poll about your data backup practices were revealing, especially since 20% of TR readers—I said 20% of TR readers, of all things—chose "Gonna lose everything if my hard drive dies." I'm glad you guys are honest, but... really?

I guess all those "Deal of the week" posts with cheap 2TB hard drives were lost on some of you. Two more tidbits for your consideration: BlacX and Windows Backup. It's easy.

Among the protected, our leading option was backing up data to an external hard drive at 35%, followed by the together-sounding "multiple methods" at 19%. 15% use a NAS device of some sort, while optical disks, online backups services, and USB thumb drives each captured 4% of the vote. Tape and memory cards captured a total of 23 votes betwen them, under 1%.

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