Report: GeForce GTX 590 may be a couple weeks out

A pretty decent number of details have leaked out about Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 590 already, and we're pretty sure we saw one at CES (although we weren't told exactly what it was). Now, DigiTimes has provided an updated release schedule for it. Nvidia's next dual-GPU behemoth will be out in the middle of next month "at the earliest", the site says.

The card is expected to feature a pair of GF110 graphics processors and 2-3GB of onboard memory. The EVGA prototype we saw last month was probably a GTX 590, since the back of its circuit board betrayed the presence of two graphics chips, each with their own memory (at least 1GB of it, judging by the markings on the GDDR5 chips). And, you know, dual-GPU Nvidia products don't come out every day.

In related news, DigiTimes adds that AMD will unleash a dual-GPU card of its own, the Radeon HD 6990, about a month after the GTX 590 hits stores. The site claims AMD has opted to postpone that product until after the Nvidia launch "to prevent Nvidia from changing the GTX 590's design after reviewing the Radeon HD 6990."

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