HardwareOC responds...

...to what they feel are malicous lies. Here is their rebuttal:
A brief refutation of the lies seen HERE

In light of the accusations made by www.octools.com I will take it upon myself to disprove his pathetic at best arguments. It is sad to see such a sorry article put up with little or no research to back up his troubling claims. I have been the webmaster of AthlonOC/HardwareOC since early December of 2000. I have been in control of all review/article content on these sites. Martin Krohn was the founder of AthlonOC back in March of 2000 and Martin Krohn and I founded HardwareOC early November of 2000. Even though I co-founded the site it still went under Martin's name because he was paying the hosting bills at the time.

Read the rest of the response here. Thanks to rand for the original link to the OCtools article. For what it is worth, I thought that a lot of this was already known to most of you.

Update: OCtools claims that HardwareOC edited their email. Read the follow-up to this soap opera here.

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