Oscar Night Shortbread

The Magnificent Seven

  1. Computerworld: Intel's Sandy Bridge woes aren't helping AMD, says IDC
  2. Computerworld reports chip makers fight dwindling gains in efficiency
  3. Next up: iPhone 5 - PCWorld
  4. Download Squad reports final Firefox 4 beta released, add-ons still languishing
  5. Computerworld: Hacker writes easy-to-use Mac Trojan
  6. Photoshop turns 21: PCWorld takes a look back
  7. C|Net: Get backstage at the Oscars with your iPad / iPhone
    and Twitterverse claims 'King's Speech' will win Best Picture;
    TUAW has more apps for the 2011 Academy Awards

Oscar Night

  1. Former CEO McNealy: Sun could have won out over Linux - Computerworld
  2. PCWorld reports IT graduates not 'well-trained, ready-to-go'
Hardware news

  1. Electronista reports AOC ships three thin Aire Black LED monitors
  2. PreCentral: hp's Beats Audio explained in retro video
  3. Last chance to enter giveaway at TweakNews

  1. In an exclusive CNBC interview, hp CEO refutes a rumored April release for its tablet
  2. TechRadar UK: hp TouchPad UK release date confirmed for June (thanks dpaus)
  3. PCWorld: Get your Motorla Xoom tablet to play nicely with your PC
  4. PreCentral on hp's TouchPad and hp webOS 3.0: What we know, what we don't
  5. Computerworld: Microsoft spends billions to get WP7 on Nokia phones
  6. The Inquirer: Nokia asks users what excites them about the Microsoft deal
  7. Engadget: HTC Thunderbolt said to have terrible battery life, might explain delay?
  8. Engadget has Sprint HTC Arrive with Windows Phone 7 copy-and-paste
    & HTC Freestyle for AT&T & Merge hands-ons
  9. PCWorld cites study: Apple's mobile browser is fastest
  10. PCWorld on the state of the Android Market for Honeycomb: Sloppy
  11. GigaOM: Google pulls VoiceMail app in possible in-app payment move

  1. DistroWatch reports openSUSE 11.4 RC2, Scientific Linux 6 RC2,
    FreeBSD 8.2, and PC-BSD 8.2 released
  2. LinuxBSDos.com posts Linux Mint 10 KDE review
  3. Phoronix reports AMD opens up XvBA, their Catalyst Linux video API
  4. Phoronix on Intel Gallium3D graphics driver performance
  5. Download Squad: Ubuntu 11.04 Unity keyboard shortcuts have a distinct Windows 7 flavor
  6. PCWorld: Chrome browser acts more like an OS, but security is unclear
  7. Computerworld reports Firefox update will patch CSRF bug,
    Mozilla says and Oracle releases JDK7 preview
  8. Download Squad reports Picasa Web Albums now store unlimited small images and videos

  1. PCWorld's eSports update: State of the GSL
  2. Kotaku on turning a dead Xbox into a PS3 controller
  3. Joystiq reports more Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC
    coming thanks to 'continued support' from fans

  1. TweakTown reviews Sapphire Edge-HD mini PC
  2. Tech ARP's BIOS option of the week - SDRAM RAS pulse width
  3. ocaholic reviews MSI P67A-GD65
  4. Legit Reviews on 128GB Kingston SSDNow V100
  5. Hardware Heaven reviews Corsair TX850 V2 and TX750 V2 PSUs
  6. DV Hardware reviews Altego clear laptop sleeve
  7. Real World Labs on Scythe Mine 2 CPU cooler
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