Asus starts shipping new Sandy Bridge boards, too

Lagging just a tad behind Gigabyte and Micro Center, Asus has announced that it, too, has kicked off shipments of bug-free Sandy Bridge motherboards. The company says it "expedited the manufacturing and delivery of new products" while implementing "extensive product return and replacement options" in an effort to minimize downtime—and, presumably, get sales going again, since I don't expect folks are lining up to buy last year's P55 mobos.

You'll be able to tell bug-fee motherboards apart by the "New B3 Revision" sticker on the boards themselves, the product boxes, and the UEFI screen. As the image above shows, the labeling is fairly obvious—although perhaps not as prominent as on Gigabyte's B3-revision mobo boxes.

In the same announcement, Asus reminds North American owners of current, buggy 6-series motherboards that they're eligible for "free replacement service and 2-way standard shipping" directly from the company. All they have to do is head to this page and follow the instructions.

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