AMD video shows Llano, Sandy Bridge side by side

An interesting video has appeared in AMD's YouTube account. The three-minute clip shows the screens of two laptops as they run a graphics-heavy benchmark. One laptop is running a Core i7-2630QM processor (a.k.a. Sandy Bridge in its quad-core incarnation), while the other sports Llano, AMD's upcoming mainstream accelerated processing unit. Check it out:

The video tells us a couple of things. First, in this particular scenario—playing a game with an Excel workload in the background, then adding a video and another 3D app to the mix—Llano appears to offer smoother video and 3D performance with slightly lower power consumption than Sandy Bridge. That's not entirely surprising. Llano is fabbed on a 32-nm process, just like Sandy Bridge, and we've been told it will have a more powerful graphics component than the Intel alternative. As with all manufacturer-run tests, though, we recommend taking this one with a grain of salt.

The second revelation from this video can be seen in the splash screen, which effectively spills the beans about AMD's model naming scheme for Llano. Apparently, we're looking at an AMD accelerated quad-core processor A8-3510MX with Radeon HD 6620M integrated graphics and an A70M Fusion controller hub. That pretty much confirms last month's rumor about AMD dropping CPU brand names, although to be frank, I was expecting a little more simplicity. Does a CPU model number really have to contain three letters and five digits? (Thanks to Engadget for the link.)

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