Trailer shows two minutes of Battlefield 3 gameplay

We were happy to see the first Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer last week, but the extremely short duration of the actual gameplay clips and the repeated smash cuts made it hard to get a feel for the actual game. EA DICE has remedied that with a second trailer, which shows two full minutes of honest-to-goodness gameplay—heads-up display and all. (Warning if you're at work: there's some swearing in there.)

I don't know how representative those two minutes are of the full game, but I love the quiet tension before the big firefight. That's something war-themed shooters like Modern Warfare 2 seem to forgo all too often, trading atmosphere for constant, in-your-face action. The game looks gorgeous, too, and the WASD hint pop-up around 1:45 makes it clear we're looking at the PC version in action.

According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, well be treated to a second video on March 16. The full game is scheduled for the fall.

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