Follow DOS through every major Windows upgrade

Some people have quite a lot of time on their hands. YouTube user TheRasteri has posted an interesting video that starts with the installation of MS-DOS 5.0 on a virtual machine. That install is then upgraded to Windows 1.01 and every subsequent version until Windows 7. Along the way, the author details each upgrade process and tracks how long older DOS games like Doom II and Monkey Island actually worked.

Doom hung in all the way up to Windows 2000, which at least remembered the desktop color scheme set way back with Windows 2.0. More impressive is the fact that the multiple upgrades seemed to go off without a hitch.

Those who have been around the industry for a while will no doubt get a twinge of nostalgia while watching the video—and not just from the old Windows versions, but what they leave behind. Remember Reversi? It could still be found in the Windows directory after the Win7 upgrade.

The video concludes by applauding Microsoft for the fact that some really, really old Windows apps work just fine with the latest release. That's "nearly 20 years of application compatibility," says the narrator. Microsoft catches a lot of flack, and deservedly so, but this video should also earn it a pat on the back. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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