B3 Sandy Bridge mobos start showing up at Newegg

Sandy Bridge motherboards are back at last—well, some of them are, at least. Both Asus and Gigabyte publicly announced the resumption of Sandy Bridge motherboard shipments earlier this week, but believe it or not, it's MSI and Biostar boards that show up in a search for LGA1155 boards at Newegg.

The search only yields four results: the H61MU-E35, H67MA-E35, and P67A-GD65 on the MSI side, plus Biostar's TH67+. All say "B3" in the product description or name, indicating the 6-series chipset stepping without the dreaded Serial ATA bug that caused Intel to halt shipments in January. Prices range from $84.99 for th "H" models, which all have Micro ATX form factors and integrated graphics support, to $179.99 for MSI's lone P67 offering.

Sandy Bridge processors are still listed, too, from the $129.99 Core i3-2100 to the $329.99 Core i7-2600K. If you play your cards right, you could place an order today and build yourself a shiny new Sandy Bridge PC. Based on an e-mail Micro Center sent out to customers earlier this week, however, it sounds like supply might be tight until next month, which could mean motherboards going out of stock and prices climbing even as more 6-series mobos from other manufacturers trickle in.

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