Bungie working on action MMO

During a panel discussion at this week's Game Developers Conference, Bungie network engineer David Aldridge revealed that the company is working on a "massively multiplayer action game." According to Shacknews, few details were presented. However, Aldridge did confirm that the game isn't designed to compete with MMOs like World of Warcraft. Sounds like Bungie might be working on something that more closely resembles MMO/FPS hybrid PlanetSide.

The new title is said to be coming to "all platforms," which means PC users should be able to get in on the action. It'll be interesting to see if the game migrates to the PlayStation 3 or remains a Microsoft exclusive on the console front. PC users should be good to go, and Bungie is rumored to be working on a new engine for the project. Let's hope it takes advantage of the extra graphics horespower available with modern GPUs.

Unfortunately, there's no word on whether the game will support cross-platform play between the PC and consoles. That would certainly be a nice addition to a massively multiplayer title. Depending on how the action plays out, though, PC users equipped with keyboards and mice could have a huge advantage over their console counterparts.

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