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Since I'm becoming an incorrigible eye candy addict, I'll pass along a few good links here. Some of 'em are ripped callously from the 'bread below, but what can you do?

The folks at Game Basement continue educating us all about texture compression in OpenGL gaming. This time, they examine the registry key in the new NVIDIA drivers that supposedly cleans up the nasty compression artifacting we've seen with NV products. (See right here for an example.)

Meanwhile, the dudes at Digit-Life continue their long, slow coup on the GeForce3, benching one of their four (count 'em!) GF3 cards against a GF2 Ultra and Radeon using the new Vulpine GLMark, which takes advantage of some of the new NV's advanced features.

Next, Dave Barron (of Beyond3D/3dfx fame) has written up another article for SharkyExtreme, this time delving into texture filtering methods, especially anistropic filtering. You can see some helpful examples of bi/trilinear filtering and anistropic in my Radeon review. Good stuff as always from Dave.

Finally, I found this site when it linked my P4-Athlon comparo article. Looks like they've got some pretty smooth graphics-related stuff over there.

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