National Frozen Food Day Shortbread

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  1. ATi-Forum: Will AMD's Bulldozer need AM3+ or is AM3 sufficient? (in German)
  2. Hardware-Infos: Intel, ASRock, Kingston & Patriot
    talk about Intel's Cougar Point disaster (in German)
  3. Technologizer: No Windows tablet until late 2012?
    That could be disastrous. Or a pretty good idea.
  4. Computerworld: Microsoft pushes anti-AutoRun update XP, Vista users
  5. ConceivablyTech reports first Mozilla Firefox 4 RC1 build
    posted; Thunderbird 3.1.9 released, as well
  6. Computerworld reports Intel courts the cloud builders
    and Intel hopes to boost cloud gaming with ray tracing
  7. Bungie: That whole GDC "massively multiplayer action game" deal was a joke
  8. All Your History - id Software part 1: Scrolling around

National Frozen Food Day

  1. Computerworld reports Google Gmail is back—except for power users
  2. Network World reports not-so-great firewall of Libya is switched on
    and Republican lawmaker promises new online privacy legislation
  3. Computerworld on London Stock Exchange: What really went wrong
  4. New Sumitomo electric battery 90% cheaper than lithium ion - Nikkei
  5. PCWorld reports top student charged with fixing grades for cash
  6. Electricpig on Apple's longest serving employee: It's not Steve Jobs
  7. PCWorld reports Star Wars: Episode I to go 3D in 2012
Hardware news

  1. IDC: Worldwide disk storage systems finish 2010 with
    double-digit growth
    on strong fourth quarter results
  2. IPv6 on home routers and DSL / cable modems: Fail - Network World

  1. Forbes: Is Best Buy planning to give iPads to all its sales associates?
  2. One iPad to rule them all: iPad 2.0 will help Apple rule for years, analyst says - PCWorld
  3. Engadget: AT&T to allow grandfathered unlimited iPad
    data plans on iPad 2, your weekend rave to continue
  4. Computerworld asks: Will the cloud curb interest in 64GB iPad 2?
  5. Computerworld reports Apple's iPad 2 provokes IT anxiety
    and new 8.9" Galaxy Tab could join 7" and 10.1" models
  6. AllThingsD: Samsung's 10" tablet to ship as announced despite Apple's iPad 2 announcement
  7. Netbook News: Archos launching a high-end tablet series at IFA 2011
  8. Computerworld: Android smartphones top iPhones, BlackBerries for first time
  9. WinRumors: Microsoft claims only 100 Windows Phone users experienced latest update issues
  10. Network World reports Android app could slash smartphone data bills
  11. BlackBerry Protect: Now in open beta
  12. Sony Ericsson Product Blog: More on the Havok partnership
  13. BusinessWeek reports mobile gaming dominates GDC 2011

  1. eWeek: Microsoft won't patch Internet Explorer before Pwn2Own hacking contest
  2. Windows SBS 2011 standard installation guide
  3. KDE 4.6.1 released
  4. n00bs on Ubunu: How to create a bootable Ubuntu USB flash drive
  5. Computerworld: IBM fires back at Oracle in middleware fray
  6. Network World reports Apache retires Excalibur Java project
  7. Malware has 'exploded,' says security manager - Network World
  8. Mozilla Labs has first developer release of Web Apps Project
  9. Download Squad: How Secure is My Password lets you know just that
    and Personal Activity Monitor tracks time you spend using desktop apps
  10. ATI Tray Tools beta
  11. Inkscape 0.48-1-2

  1. PCWorld posts the Kinect hack compendium
  2. Engadget: Skyhook brings location-awareness to the Sony NGP, including Wi-Fi-only models
  3. PCWorld reports Grand Theft Auto refresh expected
  4. BioWare on the technology of Dragon Age II - part 2
  5. Joystiq reports Homefornt fires off its multiplayer carnage trailer
  6. Crysis 2 'multiplayer progression' part 2
  7. Guild Wars 2 trailers from GDC 2011 part I, part II, part III, and part IV
  8. Heroes of Newerth gamers annihilate the competition in a
    new Alienware Arena tournament sponsored by Samsung

  1. The SSD Review on 250GB Intel 510 Series SSD
  2. Real World Labs on QNAP TurboNAS TS-219P+ NAS server
  3. TweakTown reviews Asus Radeon HD 6950 DirectCU II 2GB
  4. KitGuru reviews Grado PS1000 headphones & Graham Slee amplifier
  5. t-break reviews Monster Beats Pro by Dr. Dre
  6. DeXgo reviews Sunbeam Twister 120 CPU cooler (in German)
  7. X-bit labs review Scythe Setsugen 2 VGA cooler
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