New Alice videos show gameplay footage

Please don't dawdle, Alice. I've been waiting more than a decade for your return to madness, and the more I see your new world take shape, the more I yearn once again to wield your butcher's knife. Rock, Paper, Shotgun has come upon a new trailer for Alice: Madness Returns and nearly ten minutes worth of gameplay footage. Released at the Game Developers Conference, the trailer provides a glimpse at numerous environments from the game, all of which look suitably twisted.

Atmosphere was a big part of what made the first Alice so memorable, and the sequel looks set to deliver on that front. Based on the trailer and gameplay footage, the new game appears to have a more evolved combat system, as well. Alice has learned a nice little dodging move, and she still has access to a range of unique weapons. Jump puzzles remain a part of the game, but the one shown in the videos doesn't look too annoying.

According to the trailer, Alice returns on June 14. With Duke Nukem Forever due out in early May and Serious Sam: BFE promised this summer, PC gamers hoping for a twinge of nostalgia will have plenty of options.

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