Sandy Bridge headed to new Dell ultra-thin laptop

The Adamo is dead—long live the Adamo? Dell retired its premium ultraportable laptop about a month ago, but judging by a post on the company's official blog, we might soon see a de-facto Adamo successor boasting one of Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors. Here's what the post says:

Over the next six weeks, we’ll be expanding the number of systems that offer Intel’s latest technology beginning next week. Among the systems customers can expect: new Inspiron laptop options in the near term (next week) followed by a new ultra-slim notebook that will answer a few questions plus bring performance and style together in a big way. We’ll also have a slew of Sandy Bridge options for business customers in the coming weeks as well, including several Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops and Precision workstation desktop and laptop options.

Elaborating on the meaning of "new ultra-slim notebook," the folks at PC World quote an anonymous tipster who claims the machine "will be part of the XPS consumer laptop lineup and will draw heavily from the designs of Adamo." In other words, the upcoming laptop could resemble the Adamo in all but the name.

Ditching the Adamo brand might translate into more affordable pricing, too. The Adamo originally carried a hefty premium, which only wore off as the system's discontinuation approached. The current XPS notebook family, by contrast, starts at a perfectly reasonable $899.99. (That's for a 17", 3D-enabled system with Sandy Bridge and discrete Nvidia graphics.)

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