Report: AMD to ship Zambezi, Llano early this summer

AMD's two-pronged attack on Sandy Bridge may come as a single onslaught. According to an X-bit labs story that cites anonymous "industrial sources," AMD will start shipping its high-end Zambezi desktop processors on the week of June 20, with Llano APUs to follow on the week of July 4.

X-bit labs adds that AMD might be prepping a soft launch at this year's E3, which will take place on June 7-9 in Los Angeles. There's no word yet on exactly when the chips might hit stores. With shipment schedules so close, though, I wouldn't be surprised by a simultaneous or near-simultaneous retail debut.

In case you've been living under a rock these past few months—or, you know, you don't keep up with every last code name chipmakers put out there—Zambezi will be AMD's first desktop offering based on the Bulldozer microarchitecture. Llano, meanwhile, will pair Phenom II-derived cores and DirectX 11 integrated graphics on a single piece of silicon. Both Zambezi and Llano will be fabbed on a 32-nm process, just like Sandy Bridge. I believe Llano will be out in dual- and quad-core variants, while X-bit labs alludes to eight-, six-, and quad-core versions of Zambezi.

AMD's onslaught will admittedly arrive a good few months behind Sandy Bridge. The Intel 6-series chipset bug has bought AMD some time, though, at least on the desktop front. Newegg still lists precious few Sandy Bridge motherboards—and only one P67 offering with a reasonable price tag.

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