Chrome 10 debuts with new settings interface

Wow, already? Barely over a month after unleashing Chrome 9, Google has turned around and introduced version 10 of its increasingly popular browser. Chrome 10 is available from the usual place, although if you were already using the previous version, chances are it's quietly updated itself without you noticing.

Google has served up a few notable improvements in this release: quicker JavaScript performance (the firm quotes a 66% jump in its V8 benchmark), a new settings control panel with a search function, and the ability to synchronize passwords across multiple computers. The synchronization feature, which also does bookmarks, extensions, preferences, themes, apps, and autofill data, can be encyrpted via a master password to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

As you can see in the video above, the new settings control panel looks and behaves just like a web page—no longer does Google need to bend itself to control-panel UI conventions! I'm a little surprised by the fit and finish of the page, though; in the "Under the Hood" section, scrolling down chops the blue border on the left. That's a typical side effect of stretching an element vertically using CSS without making provisions for page lengths longer than the browser viewport. Cosmetic issues aside, though, the new control panel seems to work fine.

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