The International Day of Awesomeness Shortbread

7 Up

  1. JPR reports add-in board market worth $4.4 billion in Q4 2010 - $17 billion for 2010
  2. X-bit labs: Nvidia sees increasing demand towards standalone mobile GPUs
    and stereo-3D graphics is property of next-generation consoles - Nvidia
  3. Fudzilla reports investors not keen on Nvidia's computing plans
    and AMD's Bulldozer is four to eight cores
  4. X-bit labs: AMD to refresh E-series APUs lineup in the third quarter
    and Samsung denies demonstration of 4TB hard drives
  5. TC Magazine reports Acer DX241H monitor enables PC-less browsing, media access
  6. ATi-Forum (in German) and Guru3D have AMD Catalyst 11.4 Early Preview driver up for grabs
  7. Gamasutra's interview: Frank Gibeau on EA's expanding focus in the PC space

The International Day of Awesomeness

  1. C|Net reports Microsoft knocks font size in 'App Store' trademark spat
  2. Ars Technica: Key House subcommittee votes to undo net neutrality rules
  3. AllThingsD reports Skype rival Rebtel hits 10 million users
  4. HotHardware reports Fusion-io files IPO, could definitely shake up flash storage market
  5. X-bit labs report LSI sells external storage business to NetApps
  6. C|Net reports hp called out for director selection improprieties
    and Sony mulls plans similar to Facebook-Warner deal
  7. Home Cinema Choice: Disney boss says DVD 'is not dead' - yet
  8. VR-Zone previews IT Show 2011
  9. TorrentFreak: Anti-piracy group says police have arrested "elite pirate"
  10. TechFlash: Internet slow at work? Blame it on slackers streaming college games
  11. Ars Technica: Turing Award honors learning theory, parallel computing work
  12. C|Net reports Mark Zuckerberg action figure needs a friend
Hardware news

  1. Fudzilla: Loongson CPU architect says it will take Chinese 20 years to catch up with Intel
  2. Engadget: Intel and Lenovo release the Classmate+ PC for the kids
  3. Eurocom adds Intel Xeon processor X5690 to Panther 2.0
  4. DigiTimes reports Taiwan notebook makers to see shipment growth in March and
    motherboard players see revenue drop in February
    and AData, Transcend February sales down over 20% sequentially
  5. TC Magazine: New Renesas USB 3.0 controllers promise higher transfer speeds
  6. C|Net on SSD vs. HDD: How low (in price) will hard drives go?
  7. Ars Technica: Live MLB and NBA games come to Apple TV via software update
  8. AMD HD3D in 60 seconds (video)
  9. Electronista reports CEA hopes to standardize active 3D glasses
  10. Wireless Goodness: Acer's sleek Touch Pad Media Center Remote hits the FCC
  11. Will Smith's Tested reports Asus experiments with cardboard PC cases [video]
  12. Win 1 of 5 WD My Passport Essential hard drives from
  13. Dealzon's deals: $100 coupon for 15.6” Dell XPS 15 i5, $50 coupon for 14” Dell
    Inspiron 14R, $86 coupon for 12” Lenovo ThinkPad X201 i7 laptop, $50 coupon
    for Logitech F540 wireless headset, 28% coupon for 17.3" hp dv7t Quad Edition
    i7 2nd gen Sandy Bridge, and $400 coupon for 17.3" hp Envy 17

  1. iOS 4.3 software update
  2. AnandTech reviews Apple iOS 4.3
  3. 9 to 5 Mac: Apple posts iPad 2 guided video tours
  4. AllThingsD, Engadget, Laptop, MacWorld, SlashGear, TechCrunch,
    The NY Times, and USA Today review Apple iPad 2
  5. DigiTimes: External keyboards for tablet PC expected to see weak demand
  6. C|Net reports iOS 4.3 code hints at A5 processor in next iPhone
    and Boost Mobile goes simple with Samsung Factor
  7. AppleInsider: Apple to begin production of white
    iPhone 4 this month
    & ship by April, says analyst
  8. Microsoft France says Windows Phone 7 NoDo to arrive in the second half of March
  9. C|Net reports VMware launches virtual desktop app for iPad
    and Microsoft's mobile fortunes tied to app developers

  1. Ars Technica covers pwn2own day one: Safari, IE8 fall, Chrome unchallenged
  2. The WebM Open Media Project Blog: VP8 codec SDK "Bali" released
    and next up, libvpx "Cayuga"
  3. The Windows Blog: Office Web Apps in Hotmail & SkyDrive available everywhere
  4. C|Net reports Opera coaxes coders to embrace Web fonts
  5. Adobe proposes standard for magazine-like web - C|Net
  6. TestFreaks posts Windows 7 SP1 performance analysis
  7. Canonical Blog: Ubuntu Netbook Edition folded into Ubuntu for next release
  8. DistroWatch reports Fedora 15 Alpha released
  9. C|Net reports Safari 5.0.4 update addresses plug-in compatibility, more
    and Mozilla prepares to push Firefox 4
  10. All About Microsoft: Microsoft promises final IE9 to be downloadable on March 14
  11. Belarc Advisor
  12. CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1b beta
  13. JetAudio 8.0.12

  1. Microsoft Kinect sales surpass ten million
  2. Shacknews reports PS3 cloud saves for PSN Plus members go live
    and cites report: 3DS 'bricked' after pirate activity and
    Halo: Reach 'Defiant Map Pack' gets detailed in 'behind the scenes' video
    and Serious Sam indie spin-offs announced
    and Moonshot shares more Fallen Frontier details
    and Toy Soldiers: Cold War revealed; original coming to PC later this year
  3. C|Net: Battlefield 3 set to steal Call of Duty's crown?
  4. Joystiq: Mortal Kombat receives R18 in New Zealand (which means it's coming out)
  5. Trine updates released on Steam
  6. Shacknews interviews Wadjet Eye CEO Dave Gilbert
  7. FiringSquad shares Dragon Age 2 PC impressions
  8. Shacknews previews Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
    and reviews Bit.Trip.Flux
  9. Gaming Heaven reviews Rift (PC)
  10. Ars Technica reviews Pokémon Black and White
  11. Digital Trends reviews MLB 11 The Show
Systems, storage, and multimedia

  1. X-bit labs post AMD Brazos platform and AMD E-350 (Zacate) CPU review
  2. SuperSite's great SSD migration part 2: Migrating a Windows 7 laptop to SSD
  3. TR alum Joel Hruska reviews Asus Crosshair IV Extreme
  4. Hardware Canucks review Asus M4A88TD-M/USB3 & M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3
  5. Legit Reviews has 250GB Intel 510 Series SSDs reviewed in RAID 0
  6. reviews MSI GeForce GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II/OC
  7. [H]ard|OCP reviews Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G
  8. Real World Labs on Razer Ferox mobile gaming & music speakers
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. OCC reviews 800W Mushkin Enhanced Joule PSU
  2. TweakTown reviews 760W PC Power & Cooling Silencer PSU
  3. Benchmark Reviews on Thermaltake Level 10 GT case
  4. Hardware Secrets reviews Nexus Prominent 5 case
  5. Futurelooks posts NZXT Bunker USB locking device video review
  6. Hi Tech Legion reviews Antec Kühler H2O 620 liquid CPU cooler
  7. Tweaknews and XtremeComputing review Noctua NH-C14 CPU cooler
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