BitFenix Survivor hits U.S. e-tail listings

It's taken them a little while, but BitFenix products are finally trickling into North American e-tail listings. That means folks in the States and Canada should now have an easier time getting their hands on that Survivor enclosure we reviewed back in November (and then took a second look at last month).

BitFenix tells us its products are now carried by e-tailers including Ultimate PC Cooling, Xoxide, Performance-PCs, FrozenCPU, EastLuna, Heatsink Factory, and 2CoolTek in the U.S. Those seem to be mostly smaller, enthusiast-focused vendors. Folks up in Canada should have an easier time, because BitFenix cases are now available at NCIX. Prices are about the same on both sides of the border, with the Survivor going for around $110.

Despite its shortcomings, the Survivor seemed like a good first stab at a LAN party-style enclosure from this Taiwanese startup. Here's hoping the folks at BitFenix polish up their U.S. distribution further—Newegg still doesn't carry their products.

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