Dual GeForce GTX 460s appear on EVGA graphics card

Remember that dual-GPU graphics card we caught lurking in EVGA's suite during the Consumer Electronics Show a few months back? At the time, we thought it might pack a pair of GF110 GPUs from the GeForce GTX 580 series. As it turns out, the Card isn't quite so extravagant. Rather than a couple of GF110 GPUs, the card hosts two GF104 GPUs from the GeForce GTX 460 series. EVGA's name for this beast: the GeForce GTX 460 2Win. Man, everyone's jumping on the winning bandwagon these days.

The GeForce GTX 460's GPU has a default clock speed of 675MHz, but EVGA pushes the 2Win up to 700MHz. There are no upgrades on the memory front, though. Each GPU has a gig of GDDR5 memory with a 3,600 MT/s data rate. SLI can't share memory between GPUs, so this is effectively a 1GB card.

At CES, the 2Win was decked out with a pair of DVI outputs alongside HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. Those outputs have been shuffled a little, with the final card boasting three DVI outputs plus a mini HDMI port. The DVI trio is aimed at the 3D Surround crowd, which will probably appreciate not needing a DisplayPort monitor or adapter. Speaking of adapters, EVGA throws an HDMI converter into the box that'll transform that mini port into a full-sized one.

At 11.5" long, the 2Win is half an inch shorter than AMD's flagship Radeon HD 6990 dually. I'd expect the 2Win to be considerably cheaper than the Radeon's $700 asking price, too. Given the price of standard GTX 460s, the 2Win should cost $400 or less. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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