Back the Shack!

The damage from the dot-com downturn continues, as UGO's failure to pay its bills has forced Steve over at the shack to ask for donations in order to keep things going. Facing some daunting debts, including a nasty tax bill, Steve decided to turn to his readers for help:
Well here it is, 2 forms (3 soon!) that you guys can use to help save our butts. I never thought it would come to this and it's not my proudest moment but here we are. The $ amount that is owed to debts and Uncle Sam in April is really very high. Whatever you can donate is greatly appreciated.
As a reader of the Shack since the Quakeholio days, I reckon I owe him a few hundred bucks in back "subscription fees" by now. The Shack has been a great source of entertainment in the community for a long time. Beyond that, most of you probably don't know that TR here was made possible by Steve, who hooked us up with Sander and the 3DN gang when we left Ars Technica. It's a bum deal that the bottom fell out on the dot-com boom and Steve got left in the lurch. Soooo.. if you can, head over to the Shack and make Steve your PayPal.
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