Girl Scout Day Shortbread

Eight is Enough

  1. C|Net reports iPad 2 launch predictably draws crowds—including Dr. Damage—sellouts
  2. AnandTech has Apple iPad 2 GPU performance
    explored: PowerVR SGX543MP2 benchmarked
  3. Rock, Paper, Shotgun: EA Forum bans can lock you out of games
  4. DICE: Our competitors are getting lazy. We're coming for them.
  5. SemiAccurate: LucidLogix launches free trial of Virtu
  6. PCWorld: Microsoft puts hand on Office XP plug, ready to pull
  7. The Official Gmail Blog: Click to call phone numbers
  8. Fudzilla reports tablet Atom Z670 costs $75

Girl Scout Day

  1. Ars Technica on the son of ACTA: Meet the next secret copyright treaty
  2. Fudzilla reports AMD boss got $17.5 million last year
  3. DigiTimes: Acer February revenues down 16% on-month
    and Foxconn posts 18% drop in February revenues and
    ASRock, ECS February sales down over 30% on-month
    and Sony shuts down production plants due to earthquake, says report
  4. SecureWorks growth: Win for ATL tech / CRE
  5. C|Net reports Amazon ends affiliate program in Illinois
  6. Fudzilla reports Google allows you to block sites from your search
Hardware news

  1. DailyTech: Super efficient nanotube memory offers high cost, little reward
  2. Mashable: Google stops shipping CR-48 Chrome OS notebooks
  3. TC Magazine: Asus K73 laptop has a touch of aluminum and Sandy Bridge power
    and PNY releases two new factory-overclocked GeForce GTX 560 Ti cards
  4. Ars Technica: New Energy Star regs mean TVs must be 40% more efficient
  5. TC Magazine: Asus details its NC1 active noise-cancelling headphones
    and Cyber Snipa releases the Sonar 5.1 Championship headset

  1. C|Net reports bill to ban new wireless taxes rises again
  2. TechFlash: With CEO out, will Clearwire close Sprint deal?
  3. Nokia: Transition to Windows Phone to take about two years
  4. C|Net: Can any tablet challenge the iPad?
  5. C|Net reports Motorola notifies Xoom owners ahead of Flash 10.2 rollout
  6. AnandTech's Apple iPad 2 preview
  7. C|Net: Are these iPhone 5 engineering drawings?
  8. t-break's Samsung Wave II review
  9. C|Net reports Adobe to deliver Flash for mobile 10.2 next week
  10. Ars Technica: How to set up iTunes Home Sharing to stream to your iOS device
  11. SuperSite's Windows Phone 7 app of the week: IGN

  1. PCWorld: New attacks leverage unpatched IE flaw, Microsoft warns
  2. Ars Technica covers Pwn2Own day 2: iPhone,
    BlackBerry beaten; Chrome, Firefox no-shows
  3. C|Net reports malware attacks Linux and Unix-like routers
    and Adobe Lightroom 3.4 tests new Canon SLR support
  4. Ars Technica: Twitter tells third-party apps to stop making Twitter client apps
  5. Expreview's ASRock XFast USB speed acceleration application review
  6. Ars Technica's Xcode 4 hands-on: Be sure to RTFM first
  7. Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 SP1
  8. TC Magazine reports Joli OS (Jolicloud) 1.2 available for download
  9. MVKTech has Nvidia BIOS Editor (NiBiTor) v6.01
  10. Latest Opera 11.10 snapshot: Speed Dial, and other fixes
  11. Trillian beta

  1. PCWorld: Sony gets ban on European PlayStation 3 imports lifted
  2. Gamasutra: Take-Two's Zelnick stresses importance of Metacritic scores
  3. GamesRadar reports CoD: Black Ops becomes best-selling game in U.S. history
  4. Ars Technica: Dragon Age II features hated SecuROM, despite previous EA claims
  5. Eurogamer reports Shogun 2 to launch without DirectX 11
  6. Game Rant reports Batman: Arkham City release date announced, new screens issued
  7. FiringSquad's Interstellar Marines, Zero Point Software interview
  8. Team Fortress 2 update released on Steam

  1. PC Perspective's 13.3" Apple MacBook Pro 2.3GHz Sandy Bridge review
  2. KitGuru reviews 256GB AData S599 SSD
  3. Hardware Heaven reviews 250GB Intel 510 series SSD
  4. X-bit labs: AMD CrossFireX and Nvidia SLI scalability
    by Radeon HD 6970 and GeForce GTX 570
  5. HardwareOC reviews Asus Radeon HD 6950 & 6970 (in German)
  6. Technic3D reviews Tt eSports Black gaming mouse (in German)
  7. Real World Labs on 700W FSP Aurum PSU
  8. TestFreaks review Evercool Transformer 4 CPU cooler
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