Leaked document hints at Llano, Zambezi pricing

Based on the latest whispers from the rumor mill, AMD's 32-nm Llano and Zambezi processors aren't due until the early summer. That hasn't stopped the folks at X-bit labs from getting hold of an AMD slide filled with model numbers and product positioning details. The slide shows how the Zacate, Llano, and Zambezi trifecta will fend off the competition from Intel later this year.

Apparently, AMD envisions eight-core, Bulldozer-based FX-81x0 processors as competitors to Intel's Core i7-26xx chips—the mightiest of the Sandy Bridge family. The chart suggests Zambezi systems will cost slightly less, though, which could mean cheaper processor pricing, more affordable motherboards, or both. In the same vein, six- and quad-core Zambezi CPUs will go up against Sandy Bridge-based Core i5 and Core i3 chips.

Moving down the price ladder, AMD looks to have four A8-3000-series Llano accelerating processing units in the works; those will compete with Sandy Bridge-based Core i3s as well as lower-specced Pentium CPUs, again with lower system pricing. As for Zacate, which is already out, the slide suggests it's fit to do battle with Intel's Celerons.

Whatever the exact price and performance match-ups turn out to be, it'll be nice to have AMD alternatives to Intel's more upscale products once again. Right now, the Phenom II X6 line is squeezed almost entirely below $200—considering how Sandy Bridge performs, the case for a $200 Phenom II is a hard one to make.

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