Prey 2 primed for a 2012 release

Time to fend off yet another alien invasion. Bethesda announced yesterday that Prey 2 is set to arrive for the PC and consoles some time next year. The sequel is being worked on by Human Head Studios, developers of the original game. There are no screenshots or gameplay footage right now, though Bethesda says it will release more information shortly on Facebook.

First announced by 3D Realms in 1995, the original Prey only saw the light of day in 2006 after the folks at Human Head restarted development from scratch. According to IGN, the sequel will be based on the id Tech 4 engine that powered the first game, not the id Tech 5 technology John Carmack whipped up for Rage. So much for the "cutting edge id tech engine" promised in Bethesda's announcement.

I'm not expecting Prey 2 to be a huge departure from the original on the gameplay front, either. Of course, Prey did combine a first-person shooter with portals and spirit walking. Refining those features could make for an interesting sequel.

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