P4 architecture in-depth part two at Ace's

Ace's Hardware has posted the much anticipated part 2. Here's a blurb:
Still intrigued by the battle of architectures between Intel's Pentium 4 and AMD's Athlon? Well, you've come to the right place! The Ace's Hardware crew can not help but feel that there is so much more to microprocessors these days than just price/performance. A new CPU core is a work of art, a creation that saw light after years of hard work. The competition between CPU designers is intense and merciless, as a CPU core reflects the skillfulness of it's creators. As you may have read in our Pentium 4 review, in most cases today's software runs better on the Athlon than on the Pentium 4. AMD has won an important battle, but contrary popular belief, the war is not over yet! Both Intel and AMD have a few tricks up their sleeves...
This edition features detailed examinations of the ALU, branch predictor, and FPU. The article continues here; part 1 is here for those who missed it the first time. TR's masterful performance comparison of the Pentium 4 and Athlon DDR systems is here; Dr. Damage's Pentium 4 review is here.
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