Nvidia 3D Vision kit falls to $149, gets longer battery life

Planning to get into the whole stereoscopic 3D gaming thing? If so, good news: Nvidia has released a new version of its 3D Vision wireless glasses kit with a lower price tag and longer battery life. Nvidia's Andrew Fear made the announcement this morning on the blog section of Nvidia's website.

According to Fear, the new 3D Vision kit will set you back $149—50 bucks less than the previous offering. Battery life has also gone up 50% from 40 hours to 60 hours, which should afford a decent amount of gaming time before you have to charge the thing. 3D Vision uses active-shutter glasses synchronized with the display; unlike those RealD polarizing goggles handed out at movie theaters, the active glasses require power.

Of course, the cost of entry for 3D Vision is quite a bit more than the $149 you'll pay for the glasses kit.  You also need a compatible 120Hz display and a reasonably fast graphics card that can take the performance hit induced by 3D while still spitting out decent frame rates. Looking around Newegg, 120Hz displays appear to start at $264.99—and that's for a 22" model with a 1680x1050 resolution. Wanna step up to 1080p? That'll be $319.99, thank you.

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