HP could ship 100 million WebOS devices a year

We already knew HP intends to slap WebOS on PCs and printers. Now, a strategy announcement by CEO Leo Apotheker has shed light on just how much momentum HP hopes to see the operating system gather.

The money shot comes after several paragraphs of buzzword-laden strategy outlines, with sentences like "Powerful trends like consumerization, cloud computing and connectivity are redefining the way people live, businesses operate and the world works," but it's definitely an eyebrow-raising one:

HP intends to build webOS into a leading connectivity platform. As the world’s No. 1 maker of PCs and printers, HP has the potential to deliver 100 million webOS-enabled devices a year into the marketplace, and HP plans to use that scale along with leading development tools to build a robust developer community that is eager to access every segment of the market and every corner of the globe.

100 million is nothing to sneeze at. To put things in perspective, Apple shipped 7.33 million iPads and 16.24 million iPhones last quarter, so that's probably not far from the number of iOS devices shipped every year. And HP's PC sales may only account for part of the 100-million figure—according to IHS iSuppli, the firm shipped just under 65 million PCs last year.

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